We RECYCLE virtually everything

into almost anything

Virtually            Possibilities

Imagine transforming hazardous waste, medical waste, old boats, used diapers, K-Cups, old tennis and golf balls, used electronics, used sneakers, shoes, and clothing, and just about any other waste you can think of into green energy and products. Imagine doing this while producing virtually no greenhouse gas emissions or pollution and without sending anything to the landfill.

e2a makes this a reality.

e2a: Recycling Redefined

We use the world’s most advanced gasification and bioreactor technologies to recycle virtually everything into almost anything, making e2a the world's greenest manufacturer.

e2a works with B2B customers to recycle their waste into energy and/or new raw materials. When possible, we sell our manufacturing customers new raw materials that we produce from recycled waste.

Our brand is also designed to encourage consumers to recycle and to purchase products made by e2a business customers.  By allowing consumers to turn their waste, which traditionally could not be recycled, into products, consumers become part of the virtuous cycle of green manufacturing and feel a sense of pride in helping to solve the global waste crisis.

From Waste to Green Energy & Products

Without Sending Anything to the Landfill

Building the e2a.green Brand

Use strong, consistent messaging to educate consumers about the e2a virtuous cycle. The e2a.green virtuous cycle tag will become the equivalent of "Intel Inside".

Changes in consumer behavior will lead to changes in manufacturer behavior, driving sales of e2a.green raw materials.



Recycling Redefined

e2a is changing the way we deal with waste by recycling virtually everything into almost anything.

With e2a, your new sandals could be made from recycled K-Cups or boats. Plastic bags, which are a scourge to the environment and our oceans, could be transformed into renewable, clean energy. Landfills will be less stressed.

e2a: good for businesses, good for consumers, and good for the earth.



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